What should a true woman do for her man?

What should a true woman do for her man?
What should a true woman do for her man?
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What should a true woman do for her man?

What should a true woman do for her man? We frequently discuss what real men should be doing to treat the women in their lives with respect.
We’re all in favor of highlighting the kinds of conduct, traits, and treatment that women should anticipate from the men in their lives; attributes like chivalry, strength, thoughtfulness, and faithfulness spring to mind. We should have higher expectations, are you up? Texts, impromptu Netflix date nights, and no commitment.

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We must remember, however, that women should also pick up their game and treat one another with respect, not only men. We often neglect to take into account how women develop because we place so much emphasis on how men need to grow, mature, and behave.

Males should hold themselves to the same standards as women do when it comes to men. They should be able to locate a woman who would love and respect them and treat them nicely.


So what precisely should a woman who aspires to be a “genuine” lady do for the man in her life?


1. Standing by Him

Everyone wants to be with someone that supports them, believes in them, and adds to their lives rather than detracting from them. Making ourselves a voice in his life that will always be in his corner and supporting his efforts is crucial if we want to help him feel like he can do anything he sets his mind to.

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2. Praise for Him

Not just women appreciate hearing “You look good,” though. Yes, he doesn’t spend much.

He may spend a full hour on his hair and makeup, but he always appreciates it when we make remarks about how good his shirt fits him, how much we like the new hair product he’s using, or how bright his eyes are today. Make sure to give him special treatment whenever possible.


3. Allowing him to enjoy some “guy time”

If there’s one thing that unites us all, it’s a girls’ night in which we watch movies, drink wine, and chat till the wee hours of the morning. But many of us recoil at the thought of our lover getting some guy time. We can feel excluded or envious of his attention. However, unless there is a legitimate issue with his pals, We should encourage him to spend time with his friends, being careful not to unintentionally fall into the possessive, ever-present girlfriend trap (in which case, he just needs better friends!).


4. Interested in His Hobbies

Why not show him the same courtesy when he expresses interest in our favorite “female” show, requests to listen to the singer-songwriter we’re presently crushing on, or requests to participate in our upcoming baking project? Even if his interests or activities are ones we wouldn’t choose for ourselves, we should strive to understand what he finds appealing in them. the following time. Ask him questions about it the next time he’s playing a video game and support him. You might also watch the game with him while supporting his team.

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5. Getting Ready for Him

There is something appealing about seeing our guy dressed in his best pants, sporting a fragrance scent, and having his hair styled. We appreciate that he made an effort to look well for us, so let’s do the same for him. On your next date, put your best foot forward for him by wearing a new dress, doing something different with your hair, or trying out a new perfume.


6. Honoring Him

We all want our significant other to respect us.

It’s crucial that we treat him with a healthy respect, whether it comes in the form of speaking well of him while we’re out with our friends or appreciating his viewpoint on a dilemma we’re facing at work. Let him know that you respect his skills and believe him to be capable.


7. Remaining optimistic

We can always find something to be upset about. Perhaps our supervisor had a bad attitude toward us, or the takeout food order we had been eagerly awaiting all day had been botched. Although occasionally venting is acceptable, we should avoid becoming a constant source of negativity, especially since he probably already has plenty of problems. Instead, strive to embody the person he can count on to feel better around, who creates positivity in his life. Let him know that you respect his skills and believe him to be capable.


8. Gratitude

A little gratitude can go a long way. Make it a habit to thank people on a frequent basis, even for small favors like holding the door open, carrying your bags, or extending your coat. And occasionally sing his praises to make sure he knows how much you value, appreciate, and recognize him: “I’ve observed how you’re always eager to talk through whatever’s been upsetting me. I appreciate that. It is significant.

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9. Having Fun with His Jokes

It doesn’t matter whether he has stand-up comedy humor or not. It will mean the world to him if someone finds humor in his ridiculous jokes and quips, especially if he doesn’t receive many compliments. Just for laughing at his joke, he’ll think you understand him better.


10. Being truthful

Aren’t we all a little bit guilty of feigning well-being when we really have a long list of grievances and thorns on our sides? It’s time to quit making him guess what’s troubling us the most, I suppose. The next time he inquires about your mental state, be courteous but direct: “Honestly, it truly wounded me when you said that. Can we discuss it?


Final Thoughts

If we want the man we’re dating to treat us with respect, loyalty, and maturity, we should do the same for him. It will result in a much stronger, deeper connection that can weather the next testing.

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