What’s Kendall Toole husband Name?

Kendall Toole husband
Kendall Toole husband
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Kendal Toole is an American actress and Peleton cycling instructor who is well known for her roles in the little canyon in 2018, a frat house musical in 2022, and Arcadia in 2012.

Kendall Toole husband

Detailed information about Kendall Toole husband and personal life, net worth, etc are below.

Kendall Toole is the founder and co-president of fervor entertainment. she was born on January 28  1993 in Houston Texas united state America.

Kendall Toole Biography

Kendall Toole is an American actress and peloton cycling instructor born on January 28, 1993. She was born in Houston texas in the united state of America where she completed both her elementary and high school education. She obtained her degree in filming and cheerleading at the university of southern California.


In 2012 she began her career with Kesley Ewards Photography. She has taken on different developmental projects with other film firms such as GetLifted film and pony entertainment.

In 2019 she joined peloton interactive as a cycling instructor. She is currently a fitness teacher with her social media platform precisely Instagram with over 701k followers.

Kendall Toole Age?

As of 2022, Kendall Toole is 29 years old.

Kendall Toole Husband

Is Kendall Toole married? Kendall publicly made it clear to the general public on the 4th of September 2022 that she is being in a romantic relationship with Joseph Nicolas. The two were said to have met on a vacation in El Salvador in Central America.


Kendall Toole Net Worth

How much is Kendall Toole Worth? Kendall Toole’s net worth is estimated at 2.5 million dollars. The main source of her incoming is her acting career and the instruction job she landed in.

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Kendall Toole is an American actress and peloton cycling instructor born on January 28, 1993. She was born in Houston texas in the united state of America. She is dating Jospeh Nicolas a young man she met during her vacation trip in Central America. They are currently in a romantic relationship and are not married as of 2022. Kendall Toole Net Worth as of 2022 is $2.5 million.



Is Kendall Toole married?

There is no information about her marriage but she is dating. Kendall partners name is Joseph Nicolas.

Kendall Toole height weight?

Kendall Toole is 5ft 7 inches tall

What is Kendall tooles nationality?

Kendall Toole is an American born in Houston Texas.

Who is the oldest Peloton instructor?

Jenn Sherman

What does Kendall Toole teach?

Kendall is a talented athlete with experience in boxing, dance, gymnastics, and professional cheerleading. After graduating from college, Kendall started what she thought would be her ideal career at a computer firm, but she quickly discovered the environment wasn’t suitable for her.




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