What is Strega Fashion 2022? Its Origin and Designer

Strega Fashion
Strega Fashion
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Strega Fashion is a term used to describe “modern witch” style. Witches do exist and wear whatever they please, but the aesthetic of the witches we’ve read about as children has grown up nonetheless.


Dark, gothic, and witchy fashion known as “Strega Fashion” emerged in 2014 as a spinoff of Dark Mori. Mai Magi, formerly known as shortcuttothestars, came up with the phrase and used it on Tumblr.

The name “Strega” is an Italian word that means “witch,” mirroring the fundamental element of the look: clothing as you would expect a witch too. Users were divided about the term because Strega is frequently used to describe paganism. Some said that the term’s usage to describe a fashion trend was improper since it hijacked paganism. But it appears to be more broadly accepted now.


The style is primarily worn in monochrome black or with slight touches of muted, other colors. It can have a nu-Goth flair or be more Bohemian. As long as it’s dark and witch-like, it’s Strega.

Strega has its roots in Dark Mori, which can be seen in how both fashions use a lot of layering. You can wear tights and legwarmers, a shawl with a coat, lots of scarves and so on and so forth. This allows you to add depth of detail without adding a lot of colors or patterns. You can mix up the textures too, layering sweaters with drapey lace skirts or linen trousers and knitted scarves.

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Basics of Strega Fashion

Strega is an extremely ambiguous style with few restrictions on what qualifies as “Strega.” Many fans of dark Mori Kei and goth fashion started wearing the style and using the tag since it was inspired by dark mori fashion. People who started wearing Strega did so because they wanted to be a part of a trend while also being able to construct freer, more expressive coordinates than the typical mori or goth fashions.

The official manifesto for Manifesto Strega was written by shortcuttothestars. The free elements of the aesthetic are reflected in the manifesto.

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What is Strega Fashion

Strega, which means witch, is the primary motif of the clothing; no other guidelines or predefined color palettes apply.
Inspiration is drawn from mythology and fairy tales and myth, everything enchanted and witchy. The styles are influenced by goth, boho, Mori, and anything else you like. It differs from mori in that it has no connection to Japan or Japanese street fashion, and it differs from goth in that it has no innate connection to goth culture or music.

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NO ONE has the right to demand to know what Strega is or to exclude anyone from wearing the trend. Strega is the witch that lives within us and emerges through our outerwear.

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Despite the fact that Strega has no true standards, some kinds of styles seem to be more common in the tags. One is a design that is the same as or very similar to Dark Mori. Another is more modern witchy gothic attire, whereas Another appears to be more fantasy-based and appears to be inspired by images of mystic witches and dark elves.

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