What Is Decca Heggie Net Worth? Why He Was Arrested

Decca Heggie Net Worth
Decca Heggie
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People have been curious about the reason for his detention and his Decca Heggie Net Worth since the news of his arrest broke.

Decca Heggie has been able to realize his lifelong desire of becoming a boxer like his hero Lenny Mclean by engaging in bare-knuckle combat.


Similar to Decca, acting is his primary occupation, and as a primary source of income, it brings in a respectable amount of money for him.

What Is Decca Heggie Net Worth?

The net worth of Decca Heggie is currently under the estimation of around $1 as of 2022. His career as an author, actor, fighter, and podcast presenter has been incredibly successful for him because he makes a good living off of it.


The UK Bareknuckle champion is well-known as Decca Heggie. Furthermore, he is unrivaled in the realm of bare-knuckle combat. When he was younger, Decca excelled at football, playing center forward for Workington u17s in the FA Youth Cup. After having a terrible physical problem, Decca made the decision to bulk up by doing lots of work.

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He also defeated everyone who stood in his way, becoming the double cross uncovered knuckle champion. His catchphrase has recently spread across the internet, and people are curious to learn more. Follow along as we look into everything.

Following Decca Heggie’s capture, a number of recordings have swiftly taken off on YouTube and other internet media platforms. According to the officials, Deca is currently being held in the Gundy Police Station. In any event, it still doesn’t appear possible to learn the whole details of his capture and accusations.

According to the Sun, Decca Heggie and Danny Christie, two Carlisle contenders, fought nonstop for almost ten minutes at a boxing gym, leaving both of them covered in blood. Consequently, a few publications agree that his capture had a role in the conflict.

After being attacked and hurt on the other side, they posed for a picture and shook hands. Former Scottish criminal Paul Ferris, who is currently the subject of a book, praised the two adversaries for their massacre.

The estimated value of Decca Heggie’s entire assets is close to $1 million USD. However, the precise amount of his entire assets has not been made public. Decca was a ten-year drug addict who nearly passed away as a result of his addiction, according to his Wikipedia article.

Decca made the decision to change after having a potential encounter with a pastor in a congregation, not realizing that doing so would thrust him into the world of bare-knuckle combat.

Decca, who is currently starring in his debut movie My Name Is Lenny, aspires to be a top artist. However, he must first win his upcoming conflict in order to succeed his father, Lenny Kid McLean, as the new guvnor.

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Nobody from Decca Heggie’s family or friends has spoken publicly about the subtleties of his recent capture. Actually, Decca hasn’t talked much about his family or significant other on the entomb yet due to security concerns.

Decca’s personal history was given in the spring of 2017, detailing everything in a no-holds-barred book about the terrible harassment and drug use he experienced before entering the dangerous world of bareknuckle combat. Instagram profile.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Decca Heggie real name?

On November 22, 1983, Derek Decca Heggie was born in Carlisle, Cumbria; he later earned the title of UK Bareknuckle.

What age is Decca Heggie?

He is 38 years old as of 2022.

Where does Decca Heggie live now?

Decca has been researching the history of the City of Discovery while residing in Montrose, showcasing, among other people, the lives of Gary Carroll and George Kerr.

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