What is Agejo Gyaru?

Agejo Gyaru
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One of Gyaru’s many sub-styles is Agejo.  Agejo Gyaru is typically worn by hostesses, however, it is not limited to them. The fashion is very glitzy and feminine, and it expresses a high level of sex appeal through attitude and mannerisms.

This fashion was first popularized by the magazine AGEHA, which is read by young ladies who enjoy beautiful and sensual clothing as well as those who work in the hospitality sector.

Due to the style’s mature status, elder Gyaru tend to exhibit it more frequently than younger Gyaru. Agejo Gyaru fashion is a really sophisticated design even if it can be pretty exposed at times.

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Gyaru Agejo Style Characteristics

  • Big, intricate hairstyles. The most typical hairstyles are curly and lengthy.
  • Dark blonde or light brown hair colour is frequently used. The hair might also be darker.

  • Long nails, frequently with thick decor
  • Gyaru’s eye makeup features thick lashes and very thick eyeliner on both sides.
  • various colored circle lenses in the dolly design are visible
  • Common color schemes for apparel include Black X Pink/White/Purple.
    features include flashing an expensive bra, wearing garter stockings, and fastening a corset.
  • Short, tight dresses and skirts are frequently worn.
  • branded jewelry and bags

Agejo fashion

Agejo, as a contemporary fashion, still mostly adheres to its original aesthetic, albeit with a small evolution in the preferred clothing labels and seasonal style shifts. Agejo Gyaru is still centered on a few brands, with MA*RS continuing to be one of the most well-known. The co-ord trend has been slightly toned down with the addition of more pastel colors, frills, and softer-looking apparel as an accompaniment.

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Agejo hairstyles have evolved to be softer and less complex, however big hairstyles are still still seen. Both long straight hair and long flowing hair are frequent. In terms of elaborately decorated rooms, nails are not as important as they formerly were; instead, natural nails or french manicured nails are equally appropriate. This type of gyaru does not place a lot of emphasis on tans or pale skin tones.

Agejo is currently among the most popular agejo gyaru brands styles and is more frequently seen than other gyaru types.

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