Travis Pastrana Net worth (2022)

Travis Pastrana Net worth
Travis Pastrana Net worth
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Travis Pastrana Net worth

Travis Pastrana Net worth: Travis Pastrana has a net worth of $25 million and competes in motorsports professionally as a stunt driver. With his participation in supercross, motocross, freestyle motocross, and rally racing events, Pastrana is renowned for his extraordinary versatility. He is also well known for competing in NASCAR and the Monster Jam circuit. Travis only ever rides Suzuki motorcycles because of his extreme brand loyalty.

Travis Pastrana Net worth
Travis Pastrana

Travis is a skilled stunt driver in addition to participating in racing competitions. He is renowned for imitating several of Evel Knievel’s well-known leaps, and he has even been known to jump from an aircraft without a parachute. In the field of entertainment, Travis is most well-known for hosting the MTV television program “Nitro Circus.” Pastrana later created the Nitro World Games, an event for extreme sports.



Early Life

In Annapolis, Maryland, on October 8, 1983, Travis Alan Pastrana was born. Travis’ uncle was a successful quarterback who played for the University of Maryland. He was born into a family that valued athletics. Travis rose to fame as a “teenage sensation” while still a child after competing in several motocross championships. Following his high school graduation, Pastrana enrolled at the University of Maryland. He sustained severe injuries when, at the age of 19, he collided his Corvette with a tree in 2003.


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Travis is renowned for his outstanding X Games performances. At a relatively early age, Pastrana won the inaugural MotoX Freestyle competition with a score of 99.0. He won the gold medal at the same competition in 2000 before adding a third gold in 2001. Pastrana won his fourth gold medal in 2003 after missing 2002 due to injury and completing a 360 in the process.

At the X Games in 2004, Travis collided and received a concussion, but he continued to compete the following day and won a silver medal. He made a comeback in 2005 with another gold medal, and at the 2006 X Games, we earned three gold medals. These gold medals were awarded for Rally Car Racing, MotoX Best Trick, and MotoX Freestyle. Pastrana performed the first double backflip in a competition that same year.


Travis received a bronze medal in the rally division in 2007. He won gold in the same competition in 2008. At the X Games 15 in 2009, he attempted a rodeo 720 but fell and left the event due to vision problems. Travis won the MotoX Freestyle competition once more in 2010. He attempted the Rodeo 720 again in 2011 but failed, breaking his ankle and foot in the process.


Pastrana challenged Sebastien Loeb, a renowned rally driver, to an X Games competition in 2012. Although Loeb did participate, Pastrana was unable to fight against him since he was forced to quit due to an injury. Loeb triumphed with a large lead. Pastrana participated in the Stadium Super Trucks competition in 2015 but came in last. Travis Pastrana Net worth is $25 million dollars.

Travis Pastrana Net Worth

The American has a net worth of $25 million. He has achieved several motocross championships, and his salary is $400,000 per month. He has also performed in the Nitro Circus Show and the World Rallycross Championship.

Who is Travis Pastrana’s wife?

In 2011, Travis Pastrana popped the question to pro skateboarder Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins. Later that year, they got hitched. Pastrana and Hawkins brought their first child into the world in 2013. In 2015, they welcomed one more child. Travis Pastrana has a net worth of $25 million.

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