Tommy Chong net worth, wife, is cheech and chong still alive wiki

Tommy Chong net worth, wife,
Tommy Chong
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Tommy Chong net worth, wife, Age, is Cheech and Chong still alive.


Popularly known as Tommy Chong in the comic industry. Tommy Chong real name is Thomas B. Kin Chong. Tommy Chong is a comedian, musician, actor, writer, and cannabis activist with a Canadian American background.


As most celebrities do and love to hide their preferences Tommy Chong chooses to be a strong advocate of the free legal use of Marijuana. Tommy Chong’s theme Cheech and Chong’s comedy albums and movies made him more popular. As a strong advocate of marijuana, he believes in whatever he says about its legalization.


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How much is Tommy Chong worth

Tommy Chong net worth is $20 million. his music and movies are the main sources of his income. However, his musical career was a bit challenging due to the conditions of his health.


Who is richer Chong or Cheech?

According to celebrity net worth, Chong is worth $20 million and Cheech net worth is $30 million.


The early life of Tommy Chong

Thomas B.Kin Chong real name was born on May 24, 1938, in Edmonton, University of Alberta hospital to Lorna Jean and Stanley Chong. His mother was of Scottish Irish Canadian ancestry and his father was a Chinese Canadian track driver as a migrant in the 1930s.


Tommy Chong move with his family to Calgary where they lived in a conservative neighborhood in a house the father purchased for 50k at that time. According to Tommy Chong, his dad was a wounder of world war 2 veterans and there was a veteran hospital in Calgary. The family migrated to this location because of the hospital. He called this neighborhood Dog Patch. Later in an interview, Tommy Chong describes how he dropped out of crescent heights high school when he was 16 years of age.


Being lonely and having nothing to do anything at that time he felt it not bad to play guitar to make money for a living and there he discovered that music could get you laid even if you were a scrawny, long-haired, geeky looky guy like himself.


Early in the 1960s, Chong has been playing guitar for Calgary soul groups called the shades. the band later relocated to Vancouver, British Columbia where they changed its name to Little Daddy & the bachelors.


Together with Bobby Taylor one of his band members then opened a Vancouver nightclub named blue balls in 1963. The main motive for establishing is not just to promote music but also to put money in their pocket. However, the group split in 1965.


Tommy Chong is an established actor who performed on comedy shows like Cheech & Chong comedy album. In 1973 he won an award from the Grammy awards for the best comedy album with Cheech Marin. However, despite success together in the industry, there was again a split in 1985 due to the terms in creative differences but Marin’s desire was to focus on a mainstream acting career. This began a difficult time for Chong. He served a brief jail sentence but upon his return, he joined in the final two seasons of the 70s show. in 2017 he starred in an episode of the trailer park boys spinoff out of the park.


How old is Tommy Chong wife

Tommy Chong married his first wife in 1975. Tommy Chong’s recent wife’s name is Shelby Chong. Tommy Chong had been married twice with five children and has recorded one divorce. His first married in 1960 to Maxine Sneed a Canadian of black and Cherokee descent. However, they parted and got divorced in the 1970s.


Later in Los Angeles in 1975 he tied his knot again to Shelby Fiddes. They have now married with 3 kids namely Paris born in 1974, Gibran born in 1981 and a daughter called Precious. Tommy Chong had two kids with Maxine Sneed namely Rae Dawn born in 1961 and Robbi Chong in 1965 they were all girls. Three kids of Tommy Chong are presently pursuing acting as their career. Tommy Chong wife is 74 years old born in February 1948


What is Cheech’s real name?

Cheech Marine’s real name is Richard Anthony, he was born on July 13, 1946, in America.


Is Cheech and Chong still alive or Dead?

Rumors of Tommy Chong went viral about his departure in 1990 that he died out of cancer disease. However, it was just a rumor and there was no truth in that.


On the 9th of June 2012, Tommy Chong publicly announced that he has been battling prostate cancer.


About three years later news went viral through Twitter handle that the hemp oil treatment was quite good and not long after that colorectal cancer stepped in he was trying to use other means to treat it. There hasn’t been any news of him passing out so Tommy Chong and Cheech are still alive.

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