The Power of Decision! Matters of life and destiny 

The Power of Decision! Matters of life and destiny 
Apostle Joshua Selman
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The power of decision !matters of life
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The Power of Decision! Matters of life and destiny


I felt stabbed in my heart to challenge us on the Power of Decisions. Deuteronomy 30 and verse 19. I’ll just share two things. It says I call heaven on earth to record this day against you that I have set before you listen carefully, life and death. I have set before you blessing and cursing but I can advise you choose life, that you and your seed may look, the first revelation here is that decisions do not affect you alone. Whatever decision you make will affect you and everyone around you,  biologically, spiritually, and biologically. Choose life so that you and your seed, may leave.


Write this down please “Decisions decide Destinies”. This is not just on social logical cliche, our destinies are decided not just by the will of God, but by the decisions that we take. We live in a world where advancement happens at the instance of choices and decisions. Our world is full of people today who made all kinds of choices with their lives. There are people in old age today some celebrating their decisions and the choices they have made, some regretting the decisions and the choices they have made. On the seventh day when God created man, man as the highest of His creation, there are seven things God gave to man, one of them is the power to choose, from the day God gave man the power to choose.


It became scripturally incorrect for God to fit all the will of man and impose things even at the expense of your salvation. God still allows you to choose as passionate as his love is towards man. He didn’t say no, I love you too much. When you don’t know what you’re doing you’re on your way to hell. He gave you the power to choose, a choice that even affects your eternal destiny. God will not stop you from making your decisions. However, it is important for us to know that we do not choose consequences you only make choices. You only have the power to make choices. You do not have the power to choose the consequences.

The Power of Decision! Matters of life and destiny


Consequences are the resultant effect of a decision good or bad. Our world is full of people who blame us for their lives. We blame parents We blame the government. Sometimes we’re right that there is some legitimacy in what we’re saying but most times we live in a sociological context where irresponsibility is marketable. If my father was serious, I would be this if my mother was serious. They were not the best. But we forget that God has given us the power to choose and that our destiny does not move just by the decisions of others alone. You have the power to navigate yourself towards a path of life or the path of destruction using decisions.

The scenario

A story I read about it years ago. There were two gentlemen who were the sons of a drunkard, very serious drunkard. One of the sons got frustrated because of the lifestyle of his father. And then he went on to live a very wayward life very irresponsible, and lived his life the way you wanted. Then the other one decided to be challenged by the lifestyle of his father. And he said no, my life will not be like this. He made a decision. Fortunately, he found a very serious mentor who guided him. Eventually, he went on to be a very successful person. Then one day the brothers were bought together and the way interviewed.


Why did you become such an irresponsible person? Here was his response. He said, did I have any choice? No. How he put it is that it was a justification he was trying to bring like my father was a cost. For instance, my father was the cause of my irresponsibility.

They asked the gentleman what motivated him to become such a responsible person and he said my father was a cause, you see same reason that led someone to become a failure In life, it was the same reason that motivated another person.


Another example is, that someone was coming into new territory. And when he came in as was passing, he met a farmer. and he said, sorry, I hear that this land is full of armed robbers and dangerous people. And the farmer said You are right. and the guy passed. He continued farming. Another person came into the city and he said, I hear there are loving people here very empathetic. And the farmer said You are right. And the man passed. For both questions the question of Armed robbers and the question of good people are sensible and people, the farmer’s response was you are right.

That means all of them are the same to me. It depends on what you see. It depends on who told you what. Decisions decide destiny. That means you can make up your mind that you’re going to be great. You can make up your mind that I will live for Jesus is a decision. We sometimes, teach people and they don’t do anything with it.. God gave man an independent mind that is rational and can make decisions that are respected in the realm of the spirit.

Story of the prodigal son!

In the parable of the prodigal son, remember, the bible says he came to himself. He didn’t say the Holy Ghost came to him. He didn’t even say punish him. That gentleman came to himself and does what he said. He said how many hired servants does my father have? And I am here eating with a smile, I will arise my decision. I will take that risk and go to my father and I will say, Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you. I am not worthy to be called your son.

Take me as one of your servants. The moment you took that decision, the father started honoring his decision they met on the way, not in the house.

Decision Are Powerful

Decisions are powerful. There are people today who have stepped into the realm of prosperity because they got fed up and they said in the name of Jesus Christ. I have found from scripture that as a believer, I have the advantage of walking in the blessing on that note my mind must change. There are some of you here who went to school not because somebody advised you. You looked up all your siblings and you said you know what, I will find myself anyway. Even if I can only do two weeks let me try, you took that step and that bought you today you have a Ph.D. You have MSc. Decisions are powerful. There are people who became serious with God because they made up their minds.


Be serious in your youth. There are many elderly people today whose lives are full of regrets when you sit with them just stories of regrets. Your life can become a motivation or a warning. Your life can become a key or a padlock. Depending on the decisions that you make.


It is very risky to support people who have not decided fairly risky to support people who have not decided someone who has not decided to be serious with God. You are wasting your time buying Bibles, buying components, and paying for his transport to go to church and he’s frowning at you and insulting you. You don’t give people food because they have your mouth you give people food because they are hungry.


God is challenging us with this, that our destinies are not dependent on the sociological context in which we found ourselves. Our destinies are not even dependent on the disadvantage that surrounds our lives as much as we know them now. You can lift up your eyes from where you are, and make a decision.


You can make a decision that for the next three years of my life, it will take a telescope to look at where I’m coming from because of the level of speed, consistency, and advancement. There are many young people who have not made a decision to be serious with their lives. They are just growing old. They are not doing anything with their lives. 40 years and you’re not doing anything. I’m challenging you in love to make a decision that will lead you into great destinies.


Credit: Apostle Joshua Selman

The power of decision.

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