Mary Remmy Njoku Speaks – The cheapest thing a rich boyfriend can give his girlfriend is money

Mary Remmy Njoku
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Mary Remmy Njoku

Nollywood actress and producer, Mary Remmy Njoku has taken to her Instagram page to share food for thought for women dating wealthy men.

The mother of three, married to iRoko TV founder, Jason Njoku, said the cheapest thing a rich boyfriend can give his girlfriend is money.

Speaking, it would not cost a rich man ‘anything’ to give his partner money but some women don’t understand this.

She further stated that only wise women, who don’t think about the lavish gifts they receive from their rich boyfriends, would understand her message.

She shared this on her Instagram page,

“The cheapest thing your rich boyfriend can give you is MONEY.

Only ladies who don’t think with their ‘rent’ and latest ‘iPhone’ will understand this.

If you think I am wrong. Fine.”

A while back, Mary-Remmy Njoku recently revealed some inside information about marriages.

The actress who has been married for ten years claims that since things are never always going to go smoothly, marriage entails obligations and hardships. However, she went on to say that the pair only needed to remind themselves every day that they were in a committed relationship and were getting married.

She also made light of the fact that a marriage devoid of problems is not a true union.

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