Steven Furtick Net Worth 2022, Age, Wife, and Biography

Steven Furtick Net Worth
Steven Furtick
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Steven Furtick is a popular American pastor who has done very well following his calling. As of 2022, Steven Furtick Net Worth is estimated to be $60 million. He has achieved tremendous wealth throughout his career.


Steven Furtick is a pastor at Elevation Church, He is a Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer. Lately, he has found himself in a position where many mega-church pastors find themselves being questioned about the relationship between Pastor Steven Furtick’s net worth and their church.


The discussion of Furtick and his financial sources seems to dominate discussions concerning Elevation Church. Many people are dubious because of his financial secrecy.

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We looked into his personal and professional past to find out more about how he got this substantial fortune, and this is what we learned.

Steven Furtick Biography

Larry Stevens Furtick was born in Moncks Corner, South Carolina on February 19, 1980. He is 42 years old currently and he is married to Holly Furtick. He studied at Berkeley High, North Greenville, S.C. He read a book when he was still in his teens, and it gave him the idea to become a preacher. The book “Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire,” created a fire deep within him. He pursued his study at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he received his Master of Divinity, as he followed his love. He went back to his birthplace and spent a brief period working as a music director. Furtick relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina where he founded a church called the Elevation Church.

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Steven Furtick Family

Steven Furtick was born into an average family and raised with good values. He’s known what he wanted to do since he was in high school. He is married with three children.

Steven Furtick Ethnicity

He is an American-born Pastor. The founder of Elevation Church.

Steven Furtick Tattoo

He has tattoos, and he doesn’t smoke.

Steven Furtick House 2022

Furtick spent $1.7 million on a home in 2013. The home is 16,000 square feet in size, situated on 19 acres of land in Weddington, North Carolina, and has five bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms. Furtick declared, “There is no denying that it is a large mansion. We understand that everything we possess is a gift from God; it originates with him, and God has the power to take it all away at any time. But we decided to construct a house for our family, and we’re eager to move in.”

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Steven Furtick Wife

Is Steven Furtick Married? Steven Furtick Wife is Holly Furtick. They married his wife Holly in the year 2022. Together, the two worked hand in hand to found Elevation Church.

Steven Furtick Net Worth
Holly Furtick

She and Furtick had three children. The couple attended North Greenville University and Furtick also attended Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Steven Furtick Son

The couple has three children named Abbey, Elijah, and Graham.

Steven Furtick Net Worth 2022

Steven Furtick Net Worth is estimated to be $ 60 million. Elevation Church was founded by Grammy-nominated singer and producer Steven Furtick. Furtick earns a sizable income from his work as a pastor. He earns money from other sources as well, though. Additionally, Furtick has a 2.34 million-subscriber YouTube channel. His videos have anywhere from 50,000 to 400,000 views.

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Furtick earns $432,000 in revenue annually from YouTube, or $36,000 each month. Furtick also works as a motivational speaker, but it’s unclear how much he is paid for appearances. In addition, Furtick has written 10 books. As of 2022, Steven Furtick Net Worth is estimated to be $60 million


Awards of Steven Furtick

As a producer and songwriter, Furtick has been recognized with numerous accolades and nominations.

Furtick received the GMA Dove award in 2021 for best worship album for the album “Old Church Basement,” on which he shared producer credit. He was recognized as the songwriter of the hit song “The Blessing” and got a Dove Award for song of the year. Furtick has received two Grammy nominations.


Steven Furtick was nurtured with sound morals and was born into a typical family. Since his senior year of high school, he has known what he wanted to do. He hasn’t veered off the career path he selected for himself. The motivational speaking led him in a somewhat different direction, but the outcomes were the same. He is constantly promoting optimism, something the world really needs. Since the pandemic started, it has been a long and dark year, but it hasn’t dimmed his spirit.

One of today’s most well-respected motivational speakers is Furtick. People from all walks of life can relate to what he has to say. He founded a church that goes above and above to assist locals.

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