Stephen rea young

Stephen Rea Young
Stephen Rea Young
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Who is Stephen Rea Young?

Stephen Rea is a veteran Irish film, television, and stage actor. Stephen Rea young received an international nomination for the academy awards for his role played the Neil Jordans thriller “the cry gaming”.

Date of birth

Stephen Rea was born on the 31st of October 1946.  as of this writing up, Stephen rea young is currently seventy-five years old. he will be 76 come October 31, 2022.

where was Stephen rea born?

Belfast united kingdom

who is Stephen rea married to?

Stephen Rea was married to a provision Irish republican army volunteer and one Irish activist named Dolours Price of blessed memory. Dolours and Stephen had two beautiful children namely; Oscar Rea and Danny Rea. they lived as couples from (1983-2013) till the sudden departure of dolors price which occurred on 23-01-2013 in Dublin northern Ireland.

what movies is Stephen rea in?

Stephen Rea has been involved in movies like v for vendetta(2005), Interview with citizen x (1995), the cry gaming (1992), Breakfast on Pluto, Guinevere(1999), the vampire (1994), and Michael Collins (1996)


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