Scott Greenberg Net Worth, Age, Bio (2022)

Scott Greenberg Net Worth
Scott Greenberg
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Scott Greenberg Net Worth
The international speaker Scott Greenberg

Scott Greenberg Net worth, Age and Bio.

Scott Greenberg is an international speaker consultant and author who helps franchisees to grow their business inside out and also enhance employee mindset to achieve productivity in their field of business. He is currently the director of VERIFYME. Read on for more information on Scott Greenberg net worth in 2022, age, and any other information you will need to know.



Scott Greenberg is an international speaker, consultant, and author who helps leaders to think at a higher level performance to create that mindset that keeps their emotions in check and also yields productivity in their field’s business. He is the author of THE WEALTHY FRANCHISEES.

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He creates an emotionally satisfying atmosphere that customers can relate to better than anyone.

Scott Greenberg Net Worth
Director of verifyme Scott Greenberg

 Scott Greenberg Biography

Meet Scott Greenberg an award-winning franchisee owner whose impact is felt worldwide as the Best customer service and manager of the year. hes an author of a book that helps transform businesses from average to extraordinary, a speaker, and one part-time business game changer. Scott Greenberg serve as the Chief Executive Officer of GP strategies corporation since 2005 April and has been in office for over 15 years. He served as the President of GP strategies from 2001 to 2006, a Chief Financial Officer from 1989 to 2005, Executive Vice President from 1998 to 2001, and vice president from 1985 to 1998, his consistency and competency with GP strategies made him hold all these offices  1981.


He has been the director of verifyme since 2019.


Scott Greenberg was also the director of Wright investors service holding international formally the national patent development corporation(NPDC).


How old is Scott Greenberg?

Scott Greenberg is 63 years of age.


Scott Greenberg Net Worth

Scott Greenberg net worth is $ 3.08 million presently, However Scott owns over 2,000 units of GP strategies stock worth $ 1, 767,183 dollars and over. Over the last 17 years, GP strategies sold stocks worth more than $ 295,128 and over. Currently, Scott makes $ 1,017,500 as a board chairman of GP strategies.


What Scott Greenberg Mailing Address

Scott’s mailing address filed with the secretary is C/O VERIFYME, INC, 75, CLINTON AVENUE, SUITE 510, ROCHESTER, NY, 14604.



Contact Scott now to discuss how you can move your business from average to extraordinary.


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