This 30-second pose can “wake your brain back up”

wake your brain back up
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This 30-second pose can “wake your brain back up” by increasing blood flow to the brain.

An easy pose can shake you out of your midday slump in just 30 seconds — without even standing up.

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According to an integrative health specialist, if you spend all day in front of a computer, this brief stance can make you feel more alert and “wake up” your brain. Children who spend their days in school can also do this.

How to do the pose wake your brain back up

Simply sit erect in a chair and softly lean your head back to perform the pose. Hold the position if at ease for 30 seconds. You could do it if you’re seated at your desk, according to Bhatia.

And what exactly accomplishes this twisted pose?

According to Bhatia, inverting directs all of this blood flow back to the brain. The brain is revived by increasing blood supply to it.

Try alternative gentle yoga inversions if you notice that this pose makes your neck feel particularly stiff or otherwise uncomfortable. For instance, bridge and legs-up-the-wall poses can promote blood flow to your upper body without placing undue strain on your neck.

Other basic postures, including the goddess, cobra, and pigeon poses, can also aid in waking you up and centering your intentions. They are ideal for the morning or for the afternoon when you need to refocus.

Other ways to keep kids alert at school

In light of this busy back-to-school season, Bhatia shared some other ways to keep kids’ brain power up in the classroom.

  • Make breakfast count. Bhatia claimed that a healthy, well-balanced breakfast will keep kids energized. Consider POWER, she advised: protein, omega-3 fatty acids, water, energetic foods, and roughage. Offer youngsters a fruit- and protein-packed smoothie or pancakes with some protein powder instead of cereal, she advised.
  • Keep them hydrated. “Since so many children are returning home dehydrated, Bhatia added that drinking water is another excellent way to maintain energy and keep the brain active. A vibrant, sturdy water bottle could be useful to them.
  • Adjust the color on the screens. “Every app on our phones and tablets has a ton of colors, which is intended to be aesthetically pleasing and rewarding, according to Bhatia. These vibrant hues may also keep us (and our children) glued to our screens for an excessive amount of the day. Put smartphones in grayscale or black and white mode, which eliminates color from the screen, to make those apps less alluring, she advised.

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