Pastor Chris Ready To Love Message

Pastor Chris ready to love
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
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Pastor Chris Ready To Love Message

Pastor Chris ready to love points to the expression of love as a key indicator of spiritual growth.

As stated in the featured paragraph, the first step in setting your course for spiritual advancement is to abundantly display Christ’s love in wisdom and discernment. “Preaching the Gospel is not just when you talk to a sinner; you preach the Gospel with your life every day,” Pastor Chris said to thousands present as he admonished them to train their minds with God’s Word to walk in love.


The actions or attitude of such people should never provoke you to act contrary to your true nature, which is love. God is love, and anyone who loves is of God, and knows God.”


Pastor Chris spoke on the love that we need to show to our enemies. Although this might be challenging, the way we treat our enemies is one of the major attributes of a strong Christian value system.

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In the journey that is life, we will encounter many people. Pastor Chris talks about the different types of individuals that we encounter in our path. “In our journey of faith, there’ll always be those who’ll test us; everyone who relates with you is placed there by God for your benefit; whether they’re helping you or they’re against you doesn’t make any difference. It doesn’t stop God’s plan of promoting you. If they’re kind, loving, and helpful to you, appreciate them and praise God for them; if they’re otherwise, love them nonetheless.”


Compassion as a Key

In essence, the man of God is telling us that not every soul will stand by us. However, it is still our responsibility to act with moderation and compassion, as the person is not acting from a position of enlightenment. He has left the trail. According to Matthew 5:44 in the Bible, we are instructed to “love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who dislike you, and pray for those who spitefully use and persecute you.”


Even in the most extreme situations, according to Pastor Chris, it’s crucial to continue being kind and kind. Humans are capable of immense brutality. Even in situations where you feel like people “dislike you, persecute you, and loathe you,” Pastor Chris continues.


Learn From Him

“Love is the essence of God’s nature; as a result, we are to walk in love to imitate Him.” Man needs to “emulate” God as best he can in order to live a really enlightened life that is guided by him, as he was made in the image of God.


Even if we can never match the Lord’s greatness, we must at least try. The Bible exhorts us to love God as though He were within us. According to Pastor Chris, “our love-walk is the main evidence of our love for the Lord and it speaks of our unity and like-mindedness with Him.”


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Our hearts know no limitations once we realize our capacity for love. We have the ability to love those who hate us and try to bring us down. The Holy Spirit has “shed abroad in our hearts the love of God” according to Romans 5:5.


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