Lets talk mommy a lifestyle parenting blog 2022

Lets talk mommy a lifestyle parenting blog
Lets talk mommy a lifestyle parenting blog
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Lets talk mommy a lifestyle parenting blog is an award-winning parent and lifestyle blogger sharing her passions of home decor, recipes, food styling, photography, traveling, and parenting one post at a time


Lets talk mommy a lifestyle parenting blog and how this information can help you and your teen! Teenagers can be very difficult to understand and communicate with. Many laments forget that they were once teens, too, and this can lead to the bumping of heads.


Lets talk mommy a lifestyle parenting blog

Mommy is 36 years old, a mom to three bouncing kids, and living as an ex-pat American in the UK. She moved from her beautiful home on the west coast of America 13 years ago, to be with her British husband, Mr. P.

She wrote her first novel called When Love & Culture Collide, six years ago now and you can get it from Amazon.

She has always wanted to write novels and fell into blogging as a way to share their life with all her family back home.

She is a huge foodie and loves home interiors. When she is not baking in the kitchen or redecorating something in her home, they are traveling as a family and also share their experience on Lets talk mommy a lifestyle parenting blog. Read More: Hot Beauty Health a Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Blog 2022

About Lets talk mommy a lifestyle parenting blog

Mommy writes a lifestyle and parenting blog. It’s not one or the other. She shares their family adventures, milestones, and experiences but she also shares my passions too. Mommy writes her love for food styling is no secret here on talk mommy a lifestyle parenting blog and she could spend hours styling a recipe which leads her to her passion for photography whether it’s my baking or the kids, it’s something I am forever trying to improve on snapping.

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We love to travel the world with our kids and show them various cultures and countries. We are so grateful we can do this. When we are home you can catch me redecorating or revamping something at all times. I love changing our living space. Everything else is just life that I want to share with you all. I hope you enjoy it.

Awards of ets talk mommy a lifestyle parenting blog 

2014 Finalist for Best Baby Blog & Best New Blog

2014 Shortlisted for Fresh Voice

2015 WINNER for Best Family Fun Blog

2015 Shortlisted for Best Video Blog 

2016 WINNER for Best Schooldays Blog in the MAD Blog Awards


Family of s talk mommy a lifestyle parenting blog

We are a family of five now. Jenny’s lovely husband puts up with my camera in his face pretty well as much as the kids do. He is a great golf player and a lover of the outdoors. We have two beautiful school-age kids, Buba who is 9 years old, and Missy Moo who is 7 years old and Baby O is 2 years old.


They keep them busy with their never-ending energy. They also love the outdoors, swimming, biking, and kicking soccer balls around. We live in a lovely neighborhood near Preston in the Northwest of England. Both kids are in school now and love to learn. With a baby, a lot has been changing in the LTM household and this blog will continue to evolve with our family.

Family Home Interior

Your home should reflect your family, and as our family changes, so does our home. Room makeovers restore functionality to spaces that are no longer needed. My passion for family home interior design extends to my pleasure of making small adjustments to keep our house appearing new. I also love remodeling, and I’ve even taken it upon myself to tear down a few walls to make our house more functional for our family. I’ve learned a lot along the road about styling the interiors of our family home, which is constantly changing.


I would love to redecorate this space repeatedly. My favorite room in the house is the baby nursery. The baby nurseries for all three of my children also had very different aesthetics. The nursery is currently monochromatic.

Being a parent is a wonderful adventure that is full of treasured memories. Even the tiniest items that parents buy for their infants when they go shopping for them carry a lot of sentimental value. However, it’s sometimes more difficult than it seems to buy infant supplies. There are several items you will need to purchase for your child, ranging from clothing and diapers to strollers and cribs.


When Should I Start Shopping For My New Baby?


There is no “correct” response when it comes to parenting, as there rarely is. There is nothing wrong with purchasing items before that if you want to, but many people choose to wait until the first trimester is finished and they have had their first scan (about 13 weeks). Starting a budget, in the beginning, is a smart idea because buying everything you need might be pricey. You may spread out the expenditures by making purchases throughout your pregnancy, or you can save up until the very end and make all of your purchases at once.

Delivery delays for large purchases like furniture can occasionally be lengthy. When shopping, be mindful of this to avoid being taken off guard


Can You Buy Second Hand Baby Gear?

Yes! Many people are unsure if you can buy a pram, a cot, or toys used, but you most definitely can. It may significantly lower your expenditures and is a highly economical approach to being ready for a kid. Second-hand baby items are perfectly safe to use in many circumstances. Make sure you give them a wipe and clean beforehand and you’ll have grabbed yourself a bargain. Read More: My Little Babog Family Lifestyle Travel Blog (2022)

That said, it is still recommended that you purchase a new mattress for each baby and that you don’t use a secondhand car seat. This is because you can’t be sure it hasn’t been in an accident or that it has been stored correctly, which could affect its integrity in a crash.


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