Justin Santamaria Shares three Profound Lessons from Steve Jobs

Justin Santamaria
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Former Apple engineer Justin Santamaria is now a co-founder of the fitness app future.

I’ll never forget the chance I had to work close to Steve Jobs. He was a visionary who taught me a lot about how to succeed in life in general as well as how to create products that people enjoy.

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Here are three simple yet profound lessons I learned from Job that have helped me succeed in my career as a tech entrepreneur:


  • Mastery demands iteration.

Being patient and working hard are necessary for success. It also entails understanding when to stop making modifications; you will be able to tell when the final product is the best and when you are incredibly eager to share it. Jobs was getting ready for an iChat demo during my first week at Apple. He declared, “I’m going to make the crowd sh— their pants.” Jobs was confident in his successful execution.

  • Use your failures as stepping stones to success

The framework was already in place when Apple was ready to launch the iPhone, making it possible to continue taking new and different risks in the future. Jobs predicted that every product would experience problems. He was aware that mistakes occasionally paid off, though. Even while perfection might not exist, with a few software upgrades, greatness might be possible.

  • Remove the rock that’s blocking you from going beyond your comfort zone.

With its multitouch screen and digital keyboard as its standout features, the first iPhone revolutionized the globe in 2007. It was a clever industrial design decision to get rid of the mechanical keyboard. It gave the iPhone additional room on the screen for other artistic elements.

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