Is Alco Fashion Legit 2022?

Is Alco Fashion Legit
Is Alco Fashion Legit
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Is Alco Fashion Legit? Alco Fashion seems to offer great deals on designer products, but Is Alco Fashion Legit?

High-end brands including Nike, Gucci, Burberry, North Face, Juicy Couture, and many more well-known brands are available at this store.

Compared to retail costs, the offers look fantastic, but are they really too good to be true? We’ll delve into client feedback and all the details you want about this company.

Alco fashion legit? 

Quick Overview: Alco Fashion is a scam. Given the numerous negative ratings this brand has received, we do not advise purchasing from them. When reacting to customer reviews, they label their customer’s liars, deliver bogus items, cancel orders without issuing refunds, and only provide reimbursements if buyers remove their unfavorable evaluations.

Who knows what additional dubious activities they will participate in once they gain access to your private information, such as your credit card and billing information? Read Also: Lets Talk, Style Society Guy Menswear Blogger NYC 2022

Click here to jump down to our list of trustworthy alternative stores where you can find discounted designer brands.

Alco Fashion Reviews

We’ve searched through real customer reviews to see what shoppers think, and it doesn’t look good.

Most shoppers stated that the brand sent them fake designer products. This wouldn’t be so bad if their prices weren’t so high!

For example, this Nike Sweatsuit is listed for $120 on their website. It would be a great deal if it were real, but they send a very obviously fake and poor-quality product that isn’t even worth $30.

Alco Fashion responds to many of their BBB reviews with shady responses, stating that the customer never ordered from them or that the item they sent was “100% as described” or “100% authentic.” In some cases, they even claim that the customers leaving reviews are liars.

One customer stated that when the band finally called them to offer a refund, they said they would only give them a refund if they took down their bad review.

A few other customers claimed that the brand canceled their order and didn’t provide a refund.

Alco Fashion Alternatives

There are reliable options where you may find designer goods for less than retail pricing, despite the fact that their prices on designer goods look too good to be true. Here are some of our top picks for finding deals on premium products.


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Is Alco fashion fake? Is Alco Fashion Legit? Overall, this company is very suspicious and we would not recommend shopping from them.

Over 40 reviews shared that Alco Fashion sent them fake products. On top of that, their customer service is very poor and shady, calling customers liars and only offering refunds if they take down their reviews.

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