I Need A Man To Impregnate Me For Money – Lady Speaks

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I Need A Man To Impregnate Me For 3 million

A lady identified to be a Nigerian from Abuja is asking for help to get a man who will impregnate her so she can have a child of her own without being married. She said she will offer to pay is 3 million Naira for that.

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According to her, she is ready to pay for the job and foot other bills that will come along for such a man, however, she has conditions that need to be followed by the person who is ready for that.


Her conditions are that first of all, the man must be handsome(good-looking) and cute. You will be blindfolded for the reason that he doesn’t know her for any future complications


She has promised to lodge the man in a hotel and feed him until she confirms that she is pregnant and at that point, she will pay him, and then let him go of him.



This was posted on social media through an influencer Uwaoma Susan Joseph who shares it on her Facebook handle.

Suzy, please post for me. “I need a man that will impregnate me, handsome and cute. He will be blindfolded. He gets in and makes love to me and I take in, he will come at my unsafe time, after which I’ll pay him off. The blindfolding is so he won’t come looking for me and the child after. I’ll lodge him till I confirm I’m pregnant then he can leave. My location is Abuja and all expenses will be on me. “Please hide my ID. She says the pay is 3 million.


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