How to read 100 book in a year

How to read 100 book in a year
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How to read 100 book in a year

Regardless of what you think about reading is a skill like cooking, dancing, bathing, driving, etc., it’s something you can learn at easy. if that is so how can I read 100 books in a year?


Whatever you may be looking for may be hidden in a book and to rise above your current status you must cultivate the habit of reading.


Why do I fail to read books?

In my experience, many of us desire to read but then do I fail as much as I try? Here are a few reasons.

  • You start because everyone is reading
  • When you picked the wrong book or material.
  • you are not committed
  • When you try doing it alone
  • When you create the wrong environment around yourself


Completing one book is not an easy task as many keep saying but certainly it’s possible. Reading 100 may seem a little bit complicated but certainly, you don’t have to read 100 books this year. You see mostly we are advised to read daily but the practical steps needed to reading mostly are not taken into consideration.


Simple practical steps that can help you read.

Regardless been motivated to read, do not start like how others start and fail on the way, below are well-practiced steps that can help you read and not faint.


  • Never start anything including reading a book if you have not made the decision to read.

Never think of spending hours flipping pages, or spending hours at the library gisting and walking around thinking. Reading regardless of anything is, first of all, a deliberate choice you must make to be a reader. The first step to becoming a reader is that you must make you’ve made a decision to be a reader. Decisions are powerful, they make or unmake you. Reading is not an activity for successful people only or there’s no time to read.


  • Pick that book that interests you: Most people are unable to read because they pick the wrong books or materials. To become an avid reader you must read books that interest you. know the kind of book you’re reading. every book you choose to read must have something to do with the purpose of your existence.


  • Be committed to reading: A lot of successful people will tell you to read but hi listen finishing 100 books takes a lot of commitment to accomplishing the task. whoever is not committed will be omitted. Nothing can be achieved without commitment.


  • ¬†Create that environment or atmosphere that will enable you to read or pay attention to that plan or decision you’ve made to become a reader in order to shift yourself to that level of finishing 100 books in a year.

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