How to get rid of bloated stomach after surgery

How to get rid of bloated stomach after surgery
get rid of bloated stomach after surgery
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How to get rid of bloated stomach after surgery

The disruption of the lymphatic system during surgery is one of the primary causes of swelling in the body. Constantly be reminded medically that swelling is crucial for healing and a crucial part of the healing process! Proteins and white blood cells in greater concentration can be found in the swollen areas, which are necessary for the surgical site’s healing.

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Bloating and swelling following surgery typically go away over time. Although most patients see relief from their bloating and swelling problems by the 3-month mark, some patients experience fluctuating swelling for up to a year following surgery. You can reduce bloating, swelling, and discomfort in your stomach by doing the following:



  • It is imperative that you keep wearing your surgical attire. Yes, I am aware that it can be uncomfortable, especially in the summer, but the compression is quite beneficial. Please consult your surgeon if your clothing is really too light or loose.


  • Drink more water to help your body rid itself of any excess fluid.


  • Make sure you eat a diet high in fiber after surgery to help with bowel movements.


  • After surgery, gentle stool softeners (such as Movicol sachets) may be used to relieve constipation.


  • once you have been given the all-clear, gently mobilize by taking a slow stroll.
  • Replace stronger painkillers as quickly as you can with those that are less harsh on the stomach, such as paracetamol. Unfortunately, additional prescription medicine will not reduce post-surgical bloating and swelling.



Is bloating after surgery Normal?

Even while post-operative bloating and swelling can be uncomfortable, know that they are a fully normal, universal part of the healing process and will go away with time.

Swelling may occasionally signal a problem that your surgeon has to look into. This could be a buildup of fluid beneath the skin that is not being removed by surgical drains. It might only appear to be a hump on one side, but if it persists for more than a day and seems to be growing, it is worth escalating.

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