How to change your life in six month

how to change your life
how to change your life
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How to change your life in six month


One day I was giving directions to someone on my phone despite having a GPS address, suddenly I realize that I was telling her to go the wrong way because I had the wrong address system plugged in. Within a few minutes, this happened


  • I notice I have given or directed her to the wrong path.
  • I figured out where she was it was safe to make a turnaround.
  • she turned and got back onto the freeway leading in the right direction

what am I saying even though it may not be easy to turn back it’s possible to do so. most we run very fast when you miss your way so you must keep in check to see if you are on the right part of life.


Anything that’s not growing is dying and anything that resists change is bound to remain the same. Nothing changes about you if you resist change. God will not change anything about you if you are not willing to change. Your mind is a garden of productivity.


Barbara Kingsolver said the change that we dread most may contain our salvation. 

The process is not easy but simple

how to change your life
Change Your Life

What to do to change your life

Most people overestimate what they are capable of doing in a year and they underestimate what they can do in two or three decades. to be able to change things you must be intentional about these things

  • Recognize your true desire to change.

17 “When he came to his senses, he said, ‘How many of my father’s hired servants have food to spare, and here I am starving to death!


The story of a young man who took part of his father’s property and went away to lavish it on foolishness. Later in the story, he became broke because everything he had was gone. Do you feel wasted? why are you angry with yourself. things can still change about you if you want them to.


Are you thinking of how can you change your life? you need to recognize that there’s a need for change. “when he came to himself that is he realized there was a need for that not who he was. The prodigal son would have perished if the remained with that mentality of being afraid to rise to a new level.


  • Create a system around yourself to keep you motivated even when you’re not. you need to create a system that can keep you moving forward even if you fail, learn, adapt, and build. forsake profitless habits that will lead you to know where and build good ones. if you constantly sing every day you are bound to be a good singer. Greatness comes with a price. if you desire a flat tummy you must stay away from eating late at night or eating fewer calories instead. Created that system to produce good results which will make you profitable.
  • Think of the way you can turn your life around in six month

  1. stop overreacting, drinking, or gambling
  2. eat healthier and exercise every morning
  3. read books daily
  4. start a business

Think of productive things. Focusing on one thing is the birthplace of mediocrity. You are only ever one solid decision away from a completely different lifestyle. Take life by horns and it will let your ride on.

  • Take action, follow through, move forward, and keep learning. If you have this and you believe it’s possible and you can do it, it’s only a matter of time. People who desire change must believe it’s possible.

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