Hitman Holla Net Worth

Hitman Holla Net Worth 2022
Hitman Holla Net Worth
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Hitman Holla Net Worth, Date Of Birth, Career

One of the most accomplished and well-known American rappers hails from St. Louis, Missouri, and is Gerald Fulton Jr., better known by his stage name Hitman Holla. His catchphrases in his songs are well-known. In the rap battle leagues Battle America and SMACK/URL, Hitman is well-known for his performances. At the time of the 2022 update, his estimated net worth was $3 million.

Biography Of Hitman Holla

Gerald Fulton Jr., better known by his stage name Hitman Holla, was born in St. Louis, Missouri, on March 29, 1988. He was born to Gerald Fulton Senior and Sue Fulton, two African Americans. He gained notoriety for his confrontational demeanor and unique song punches. He was always drawn to music as a young child. Holla was raised on the music of well-known rappers. In addition to receiving a scholarship at California State Northridge, Hollas was a good athlete in college.

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Hitman Holla Net Worth

Net Worth $3 million
Gender Male
Date of birth March 29, 1988
Place of birth St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Nationality American
income Source Rapper

Hitman Holla Career In Music

Hitman Holla was a college athlete who made the decision to give up his athletic career to concentrate on his childhood passion for rap and music. In 2008, Holla made the decision to begin battle rapping. He engaged in his first fight with the rapper Remy D. He gained popularity and began to develop his profession throughout this conflict.

Holla gained notoriety for concluding each round with “ball game,” “yett,” or both. He became one of the most well-known battle rappers in his city thanks to his strong delivery and utilization of rap tactics like remixing his verses.

In Season 6, Hitman Holla became the second battle rapper to appear on Wild ‘N Out, following Conceited. “Diddy Dum Dum” was his debut song.


Songs Made By Hitman Holla

  • Tiff
  • House Party
  • Hitman
  • Control Da Room
  • Reminisce
  • Came From Nothing
  • Drowning
  • Big Flex
  • So Crazy
  • It’s On
  • Old Me

Hitman Holla Albums

  • Hitman Ball Game 1.5 – 2013
  • Prove Em Wrong – 2021

Hitman Holla Net Worth

Hitman Holla, a well-known American rapper, has a variety of sources of income, which has allowed him to rapidly increase his net worth to over $3 million as of the 2022 update.

The majority of his income comes from his professional activities (as a rapper through streams profits, record sales, concert performances, brand ambassador, etc.) and from his other unspecified enterprises.


How Much is Hitman Holla net worth 

$ 3 Million dollars is the net of Hitman Holla Net Worth

hitman holla net worth 2021

$ 3 million


Hitman Holla Girlfriend.

His girlfriend, Cinnamon, and he are together right now. On Instagram, he frequently shares pictures of himself and Cinnamon. The spokesperson for Lash U Studio is his partner, Cinnamon. The couple has launched a YouTube channel on which they chronicle their whole relationship. Geremiah Fulton is the name of his other kid. His mother’s son’s name hasn’t yet been made public by him.


In Summary

Hitman Holla is an American rapper, actor, and former athlete. As of 2022, his net worth is estimated to be around $3.4 Million.

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