12 Foods to help get rid of a bloat stomach

Foods to help get rid of a bloat stomach
Anti Bloat Foods
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Foods to help get rid of a bloat stomach


A lot of people go through bloating and these simple foods are wired to make you less bloated.

1. Bananas: They may feel heavy, but bananas do not make you gain weight. They’re loaded with filling fiber and potassium, which helps relieve water retention.

2. Cantaloupe: This orange melon is full of anti-bloating potassium, low in calories, and has high water content, so you can get away with eating a lot of it.

3. Leafy greens: Some veggies, such as Brussels sprouts, are filled with important nutrients, but nonetheless, make you bloat. Leafy greens, like kale, spinach, and lettuce, do no such thing. They’re all low caloric, loaded with fiber, and help ease water retention.

4. Olive oil: Though it’s not scientifically confirmed, there’s some evidence that small amounts of olive oil may help reduce belly fat. That’s because it contains a chemical called oleic acid, which helps break down fat in the body.

5. Grainy bread: You already know to stay away from processed white bread — all its sugars cause your blood sugar levels to spike and then plummet, leaving you hungry again fast, but whole-grain bread fiber stabilizes blood sugar levels to keep you full.

6. Artichokes: A medium-size one has 7 grams of fiber—almost 30 percent of your recommended daily allowance—to help your digestive system chug along properly.

7. Avocados: These guac stars are filled with healthy, filling monounsaturated fat. Spread on whole-wheat bread for avocado toast, or slice up half an avocado and mix it with any salad.

8. Brown rice: A complex carb, brown rice takes a long time to digest, helping to keep you full. Cook with it and swap it in for white rice on sushi or in Chinese takeout.

9. Oatmeal: It contains fiber, which helps keep you full without puffing you out.

10. Fatty fish: Those like salmon and mackerel are packed with healthy, filling omega-3 fatty acids, which are structural fats, not storage fats, so they’re less likely to be stored in a layer of belly fat.

11. Apples: An apple a day keeps the doctor and the pounds away. A recent study found that an apple before a meal may help you eat less later, thanks to its filling fiber.

12. Cucumbers: These crunchy veggies have few calories and are natural diuretics, meaning they help flush out excess water weight.

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