Facts About Long Distance Relationship

Harsh Facts About Long Distance Relationship
Long Distance Relationship
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 Facts About Long Distance Relationship

A common problem that significantly bothers couples who are going long distances is the distance itself.  Facts about a long-Distance Relationship everyone should know about.

The first hard fact about an LDR is that


1. The two people may not be living near each other

Even though one or both keep traveling back and forth for various reasons both private and work-related. Only 1 out of 2 people can go and see their loved one on important occasions like birthdays or anniversaries, which are otherwise important symbols in any relationship. The third, finally is that the physical aspect of Long Distance Relationship never satisfies expectations.

Long-distance relationships are nothing new. It can be hard for the partners to maintain a relationship without being able to spend time together and communicate in person on a regular basis.

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2. Couples cannot have a physical

One of the hardest things about having a Long Distance Relationship is that the couples cannot have a physical closeness that brings them happiness and relief from their stress.

Technology has advanced which allows couples to share pictures and video messages with one another but it is still not enough to overcome this difficulty long-distance relationships present.

3. It Requires more commitment

It can be hard to learn the distance. A long-distance relationship is something that requires more commitment and expectations on both sides. Often times couples choose this path because they just need to focus on their careers, in which case once their careers are stabilized the dream may reopen.


4. Distancing oneself can help communication.

Couples may become more intimate as a result of the distance, according to a study. Couples in long-distance relationships reveal more personal information about themselves through various means of contact, including phone conversations, chats, video calls, and SMS. You feel more relaxed and at ease speaking with your lover as a result.

Additionally, being apart from their significant other can enable them to communicate their true feelings without worrying about repercussions or losing respect.


5. Many couples end up splitting.

Long-distance relationships usually end after three months of dating. The majority of them split up due to shifting perspectives and objectives. This should not deter you from seeking a committed relationship following a Long Distance Relationship, either.

you both have a duty to try your best and contribute in a consistent, sincere manner on a daily basis as a couple.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t let these statistics and facts scare you. Instead, you should use them as your motivation and compass while you navigate the difficulties of maintaining a long-distance relationship. Never disregard the possibility that others’ experiences and some of these facts may differ from your own, though.

6. You get the same level of happiness as people who are with their partners.


Having a long-distance relationship does not prevent you and your significant other from being happy. It seems improbable that people who live close to their loved ones will be happier than those who are separated from them. It’s not always a disadvantage to have a partner who lives far away.





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