Don’t Get Marry To an Illiterate, A Businesswoman Advise Single Ladies

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Don’t Get Marry To an Illiterate A Businesswoman Advise Single Ladies.


Businesswoman Sandra Iheuwa has vehemently kicked toward the concept of marrying an illiterate person.


In a submission shared on her Instastories, the businesswoman who stocks a baby with Ubi Frankling and whose marriage to businessman Steve Thompson crashed a few months once they tied the knot, stated a knowledgeable man or woman will discover it tough to have a highbrow communication if their big difference isn’t knowledgeable.

Sandra Iheuwa

She brought up that because of the distinction in qualification, the union will in no way paint out. In something you do, ensure you marry a type companion and now no longer a useless & depraved one.. this is going to each gender.

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She Added:

I forgot to add this one, this one is very important.

Don’t marry an illiterate. Just imagine having a master’s degree and your partner is a high school dropout, the level of thinking won’t be the same. you can’t have a meaningful intellectual conversation with this person. It will never work.


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