David Otunga Net Worth 2022, Age and Biography

David Otunga Net Worth
David Otunga
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As of October 2022, David Otunga net worth is estimated to be $12 Million. David Otunga is a retired wrestler and actor from the WWE franchise. He was part of The Nexus and the only member to be present from the very beginning.

The Nexus was a group of professional wrestlers that made a huge impact in WWE. During David’s time in WWE, he became a two-time WWE Tag Team Champion.


As of October 2022, David Otunga’s net worth is estimated to be $12 Million.

Early Life

David Otunga was born on 7th April 1980, in Elgin, Illinois. His father, Moses, is Kenyan and his mother, Billie Otunga, is American. Both David Otunga parents were previously teachers.


Lisha and Lisi were David Otunga siblings.


David has an interesting educational background. After graduating from Larkin High School in 1998, he went on to study psychology and earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of Illinois.



After graduating from Harvard Law School, David worked for Sidley Austin, an American law company. He reportedly spent two years, from 2005 to 2007, at Sidley Austin.

David Otunga age?

David Otunga was born on 7 April 1980, He is currently 42 years old.



David’s television career started when his niece decided to send in his audition tape. On the strength of the tape, he was chosen to be a contestant in “I Love New York 2”.


After his first appearance, he was hooked and went on to act in other films, such as “The Call” and the popular TV series, General Hospital.


Otunga united his two interests—wrestling and acting—in 2008. He and World Wrestling Entertainment worked out a development agreement (WWE). He was given the ever-popular Florida Championship Wrestling growth region (FCW). On May 29, 2009, he made his professional debut by defeating a six-man tag team.


It was announced on February 16, 2010, that David would take part in the first season of NXT. On the 23rd of February, David was unhappy about losing a match on an NXT program because his opponent’s mentor interfered.

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Despite these disappointments, he was going to come back shortly to exact revenge. And on March 30, he triumphed in an eight-man battle royal, which led to his quick promotion to guest host on Raw.


Otunga’s NXT team attacked Bret Hart, the general manager, and wrecked the arena on Raw after he refused to give them their contracts.




The Nexus was given to the disgruntled group. They were engaged in a conflict with John Cena and Raw in general. But after losing to Barrett at “Hell in a Cell,” John Cena allied with the Nexus.


On October 24, David Otunga and John Cena triumphed in the WWE Tag Team Championship.


When he and Michael McGillicutty won the WWE Tag Team Championship, David made another appearance. A show that announced the end of the New Nexus broadcast on August 1st.


He had faced off against some of the richest wrestlers in the world, like Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, and others, and had consistently prevailed.

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David made a few more ring appearances before quitting professional wrestling and joining the commentary team of the WWE.


David Otunga Net Worth

As of October 2022, David Otunga net worth is estimated to be $12 Million. It’s understandable why David Otunga earns so much money from wrestling after such a successful beginning. However, he has also had success as an actor, which has significantly increased his wages.

Top wrestlers earn excellent fees for their appearances, with the best ones getting annual contracts as well as bonuses and endorsement fees. David has added acting to his repertoire, which means that his income is much more substantial than most.

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Personal Life

Who is David Otunga wife? David married the well-known singer and actress, Jennifer Hudson, in the fall of 2008. After only knowing her for 7 months, David proposed to her on her 27th birthday. Jennifer went on to give birth to a son, David Daniel Otunga JR.


The two got separated after ten years of marriage due to claims of domestic abuse. David cannot drop by without permission because Jennifer filed protection orders against him. David is a family-oriented man who takes time off when his family needs him to, despite the legalities.


David was there for his family when Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother, and nephew were brutally murdered in a jealous rage by William Balfour.



David is an intelligent, highly skilled athlete. This has allowed him to achieve success within the physically dangerous world of professional wrestling without succumbing to serious injury. He quit while he was ahead and continues to serve his fans and the sport of wrestling.


David Otunga’s career summary

In Pro Wrestling Illustrated, David was given Feud of the year and Most Hated Wrestler of the year for his work with The Nexus in 2010.

Pro Wrestling also named him Rookie of the year in 2010.

He has won 2 Tag Team Championships alongside John Cena.

Through WWE, he won the “Slammy Award” twice.

He won “Shocker of the Year” in 2010 when part of the debut of The Nexus.

In 2011, David won the Pee-wee Herman Bowtie Award.


How Does David Otunga Spend His Money?

David Otunga enjoys a somewhat modest celebrity lifestyle with few extravagances. He is a well-educated man who is extremely picky about the investments he makes.


David doesn’t dress ostentatiously, nor does he drive the priciest cars in the world.

The turning point in his career came when he joined “The Nexus” as a foot soldier. David Otunga Net Worth as of 2022 is $ 12 million dollars.

He excelled when partnering with John Cena and eventually won two WWE Tag Team Championships.

David used his legal expertise to become the General Manager of both “Raw” and “Smackdown” and a pro bono legal advisor.

He is renowned for his performance as a police officer in the movie The Call, which launched his acting career.

He received the 2010 Rookie of the Year award.

He has purchased a property called Burr Ridge which is reportedly worth $745,000.


Facts about David Otunga

David received his education at an Ivy League institution and earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology there in 2021.

In 2006, he also graduated from Harvard Law School.

David retired in 2015 after 7 years in the professional wrestling industry.

David is currently employed by WWE as a commentator after leaving the ring. See Also: Blondedy Ferdinand Net Worth 2022, Age and Biography

He serves as the legal counsel for some of his wrestling partners, assisting them in bringing legal action against Triple H, the WWE’s COO.

David has had numerous film appearances in addition to being a professional wrestler. David Otunga Net Worth as of 2022 is $ 12 million dollars.



Although David Otunga is no longer active in the sport of wrestling, he continues to earn a career by providing commentary on the sport that once consumed him. David has made a name for himself in the world of professional wrestling by joining “The Nexus” early on and remaining one of its most enduring members. As of October 2022, David Otunga’s net worth is estimated to be $12 Million.

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