Best Tools to create YouTube Thumbnails in 2022

Best Tools to create YouTube Thumbnails in 2022
Best Tools to create YouTube Thumbnails in 2022
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Best Tools to create YouTube Thumbnails in 2022


If you have a YouTube channel or you are thinking to start one, you should definitely read this article. Creating good thumbnails are as important as creating good content if you want people to be attracted to your channel.

Thumbnails make the first impression on the viewer. So, it is necessary to create a good-looking thumbnail which intrigues or excites the viewers to click and watch your channel.

I have used various tools to create thumbnails over the years. In this article I am going to tell you about top 5 tools to create YouTube thumbnails as per my experience. But first let us know a little about thumbnails more to understand them better.

What are YouTube Thumbnails and why are they important?

YouTube Thumbnails are still images that are used as the preview image of your video. These images usually are from the video content that is going to be uploaded on YouTube.

Thumbnail basically is a smaller version of Images that is visible easily on the internet when internet is slow or you are browsing many images. If you ever noticed even our computer shows thumbnails when we open our picture folders.

In a way making good thumbnails are first marketing thing you need to do while creating content on YouTube. Thumbnails provides viewer the idea of what he can expect from the video. And if the viewer likes that idea, Congrats! You have a new viewer.


Best Tools to Create Thumbnails

Adobe Spark

Educational sites like NSDRC recommends this tool to every student.

Adobe Spark is the best tool out there to create YouTube Thumbnail as per my experience. It provides the most customizable thumbnail templates and modifying options. With these templates, you can generate quick and amazing thumbnails.


Adobe has a designated category for YouTube thumbnails. After choosing this category, you can choose if you want to start from scratch or want to create a thumbnail based on awesome looking templates.


As you can see in the pictures below, templates are available in categories as such: Art, Business, Education and Fashion etc. Not only it has templates but to save your time you can choose what kind of thumbnails you are looking for.

Along with this, adobe spark has the vast editing options with which you can create amazing thumbnails. Text, Photos, Shapes, design assets, backgrounds, logos, libraries and many more options to add quality to your thumbnail.



Canva has become one of the most popular tools to generate graphics and thumbnails today and There is a valid reason for that. Canva has the most user-friendly interface. Canva is very easy to use platform and to create thumbnails you might need nothing but an idea for what you are creating the thumbnail.


Similar to Adobe, Canva has a dedicated category to YouTube Thumbnail making. Inside that category there are many templates to create attractive thumbnails. Canva templates are more similar to the thumbnails we see on YouTube.


One of the most important features of Canva is that you can pick content from your social media directly and create thumbnail on that basis.


Other than templates Canva has many editing options like Elements, Background, styles and even options to discover content from various websites like Pixabay, YouTube and Tint.


Wondershare PIX Studio

Wondershare Pix studio is a feature of Wondershare platform that let’s you create all kinds of graphics for free. I used to create videos on Wondershare Filmora when I came across this feature and since then I have used it on numerous occasions.


Wondershare Pix Studio has huge range of templates and tools to design engaging and attractive thumbnails. As you can see below, A number of editing options are provided to make the designing feasible.



Fotor is one of the best graphic designer tools available today in the market. Fotor probably has the biggest templates library to create thumbnails. Along with thumbnails you can create various styles and images that you can add to your thumbnail.


Fotor in my experience has the most advanced features in any graphic designer tool. It has separate category to create YouTube thumbnails where it has 100s of beautiful and creative templates.



Pixlr was the first platform I ever used to create YouTube Thumbnail. I read somewhere about pixlr and gave it a try to design posts and YouTube Thumbnails. It has a simple looking interface which lets you designs everything you want.


Pixlr provides the option to add overlays to the template you choose to create your design. Resolution and quality of the designs created in pixlr is amazing.





There are many tools available on the internet to create YouTube Thumbnails. In this article I have ranked these tools as per my experience of using them. All of these tools are free for basic use and they are widely used by a lot of people to create YouTube Thumbnails and much more. Give them a try and share the experience with us.

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