Ben Stokes Net Worth (Latest update 2022)

Ben stokes net worth
Ben stokes
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Ben stokes net worth

Ben Stokes was born in New Zealand on June 4, 1991. Ben stokes net worth is estimated at $11 million dollars. His father played rugby professionally and for the New Zealand national team. Ben Stokes arrived in England at the age of 12.

Ben Stokes gained a reputation for making hard hits throughout his time in school.


He didn’t have to play cricket for very long before making his England debut in 2010.



Ben Stokes single-handedly brought England the World Cup in 2019. After the innings he played in the championship game, Stokes started to be recognized as one of cricket’s exceptional players. He will represent Rajasthan Royals in the IPL in 2021, earning a salary of 13 crores.

Ben Stokes Career

On September 23, 2011, this player participated in their inaugural international T20 match against the West Indies.

On March 20, 2021, he will play his final T20 match against India.

His debut international ODI match was against Ireland on August 25, 2011, and his final match was against India on July 17, 2022.


He made his debut against Australia on December 5, 2013, and his final game is on July 1, 2022, against India. This is the period of longest form.


He participates in 83 Test matches overall, scoring 5280 runs, and claiming 182 wickets.


He has played 104 runs in ODIs and claimed 74 wickets overall.


He participates in 34 games in the T20 format, scoring 442 runs and grabbing 19 wickets.


Ben Stokes net worth

Ben Stokes has an estimated net worth of $11 million (£ 10,978,165.00). He earned all his worth from his career as a cricket player.




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