Barry Skolnick Net Worth 2022

Barry Skolnick Net Worth
Barry Skolnick
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Who is Barry Skolnick? Barry Skolnick net worth is expected to be $6 million in 2022. We will give you more details about Barry Skolnick’s net worth, his automobile collection, his age, his wife, and other important facts in this article.


Barry Skolnick is a businessman and philanthropist from the United States. He is the company’s creator and CEO. Ikonick Motors is a well-known automotive collection on a global scale.

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Barry Skolnick, the owner of Ikonick Motors and a dealer of unusual and luxury vehicles, currently has more than 200 pricey vehicles in his collection. One of Barry Skolnick’s most well-known

the world’s best collection of automobiles.

Barry Skolnick Net Worth
Barry Skolnick

Entrepreneur, philanthropist, and automotive lover Barry Skolnick has long wished to one day acquire a high-end exotic car. His desire to buy an exotic car served as fuel for his efforts to realize that desire.


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A staggering amount of sculptures, paintings, and photographs may be seen inside his building.


BLS Asset Management Corp. (formerly known as CAMBR Company, Inc.) and BLS Realty, LLC, two multi-generational companies with a history of purchasing and developing residential, commercial, and industrial real estate, are led by Barry Skolnick as president and managing director.


In addition, Barry holds the position of trustee for the Skolnick Family Charitable Trust, a nonprofit with the mission of aiding 501(c)(3) organizations in achieving excellence in the disciplines of science, medicine, law, and/or literacy. In 1996, The Skolnick Family Charitable Trust was established on its own.

He is on the Board of Trustees for Mount Sinai Medical Center and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Florida’s Miami Center (South Florida Chapter).


Mr. Skolnick is a director for the Centurion Foundation and a zealous supporter of law enforcement. Barry holds a bachelor’s degree from SUNY Oneonta. Barry Skolnick net worth is expected to be $6 million in 2022

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Mr. Skolnick is a well-known auto and art collector as well as an enthusiastic race fan and a founding member of the Monticello Motor Club.

Barry Skolnick wife

He is the founder and CEO of the Miami-based car collection business Ikonick Motors.


Barry Skolnick net worth 2022

Barry Skolnick is expected to have a $6 million net worth in 2022. Selling premium and exotic cars is his main source of revenue. He is the founder and CEO of the Miami-based car collection business Ikonick Motors.


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