Bad Boy Chiller Crew Net Worth 2022, Ages and Biography

Bad Boy Chiller Crew Net Worth
Bad Boy Chiller Crew
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Bad Boy Chiller Crew net worth is $5 million. British bassline group Bad Boy Chiller Crew is based in Bradford, England. Before creating music that was influenced by the UK bassline movement, which became well-known during the 2000s, particularly in Yorkshire, the group first uploaded comedy and prank videos online.


However, Bad Boy Chiller Crew Net Worth is estimated at $ 5 million as of 2022.


Bad Boy Chiller Crew Biography

The three Bradford-based members of Bad Boy Chiller Crew, Gareth Kelly (GK), Kane Welsh (KW), and Sam Robinson (Clive), have broken through the West Yorkshire bassline scene into the mainstream. The shutdown increased the MC trio’s success while the pandemic harmed many performers. Over 14 million people have watched the music video for their debut single, 450, which was released in 2020. The UK public has responded favorably to the down-to-earth persona and Jackass-style humor of Bad Boy Chiller Crew, who have written songs for local pizza commercials and collaborated with Vice to create a mini-documentary.

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Gareth Kelly Biography

In 2010, Gareth Kelly, better known by his stage name GK, launched his DJ career in his hometown. He was born in Bradford, England, on April 2, 1995. He is currently 27 years old in 2022. Gareth had trouble in school as a youngster and was enrolled in a college cooking course at the age of 15. Working in the kitchen helped him control his rage, so he decided to become a chef. GK acknowledges that there weren’t many possibilities in Bradford after working as an ice cream truck driver, so the group decided to start their own. The 27-year-old rapper contacted Kane and Clive after seeing their YouTube videos, and the Bad Boy Chiller Crew was established.

Gareth Kelly

Kane Welsh Biography

On October 1, 1996, Kane Welsh was born in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. He is currently 25 years old. During his adolescence, when he skipped school and participated in athletics, Kane dreamed of working in football or with automobiles. When Kane began uploading films of his daily activities in Bradford to YouTube, including drinking games and practical jokes, he only began to see the possibilities of social media. Before he joined the Bad Boy Chiller Crew, the 25-year-old rapper had a sense of humor.

Kane Welsh


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Sam Robinson (Clive) Biography

Sam Robinson, better known by his stage name Clive, has been a close friend of Kane for a very long time. Prior to deciding to create them together, Clive and his best friend both made Snapchat videos while working at mundane jobs they didn’t enjoy. Before meeting Gareth and starting to make music, Clive and Kane started filming skits while working their final shift putting boxes in a warehouse. In 2021, the three from Bradford will make their debut performances at the Reading and Leeds Festivals thanks to their new ITV2 show, which will chart their rise to internet celebrity.

Sam Robinson

Bad Boy Chiller Crew Members Ages

Gareth (GK) Kelly, Kane Welsh, and Sam form the Bradford-based rap trio BBCC (Bad Boy Chiller Crew) (Clive Robinson). Beginning as a parody group that compared Kurupt FM, Bad Boy Chiller Crew currently produces bassline music that is connected to UK garage. Due to their retro sound, which is reminiscent of the 1990s, Bad Boy Chiller Crew’s popularity has increased. The debut mixtape Full Wack No Brakes by Bad Boy Chiller Crew was released in September 2020 on the London record label House Anxiety. This was followed by a joint contract with Relentless Records.




GK Gareth Kelly 26 years
KW Kane Welsh 25 years
SR Sam Robinson 25 years


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Bad Boy Chiller Crew Net Worth

The Bad Boy Chiller Crew are well known for their range of vocal styles and artistic abilities, and as a result, they have accumulated a large fortune. According to reports, they are reportedly valued at about $5 million in net worth.


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